The First Day of Same-Sex Marriage in Alabama

I spent the morning of Monday, February 9--the first day that same-sex marriage was legal in Alabama--in Huntsville's Big Spring Park, documenting some of the very first same-sex marriages in the state. This audio slideshow features some of the sights and sounds from that special morning.

The wedding ceremonies were part of, "Wedding Week," which was organized by local volunteers when Madison County's probate judge said he would not perform any weddings for the week of February 9. The event ran through Friday, February 13, and more than 2,000 people are estimated to have participated in the festivities either as couples getting married, volunteers lending services and supplies, journalists covering the event, or as members of the community offering support. reported that 160 couples were married over the course of the week. At least 40 of those weddings were performed on Monday, said the event's media relations director, Heather Reed. The first day also culminated in a reception at Huntsville's Embassy Suites, where the newlyweds and volunteers celebrated with dinner, drinks, and dancing.

I felt honored to be part of such a historical day in Alabama- a day that was full of joy and hope, and promise for the state's future.